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Zippy Train

The Industry

A number of malls have trains on tracks as amusement for children. In most cases these year-round trains require heavy regulation, and they are simple oval shaped tracks. These rides take up a lot of space and are often very short. Tracks require installation usually taking at least a day to install and must be inspected.


• No track needed
• No installation required
• Easier inspection
• Easy to transport
• Versatile
• Easy to operate


• Indoor and outdoor transportation
• Children's mall attraction
• Mall events
• Party rentals
• Amusement park/carnival rentals
• Tourist attraction


Zippy Train is safe. The engine is the only motorized part of the train. The train is equipped with seat belts for all of the passenger's safety.



Standard Package includes:

1 front engine car + 4 passenger cars.

Driver + 10 passengers: $30,000.

Additional Cars: $3,500/each.

Need more info?

If you think Zippy Rides would be a great addition to your local mall, town center or promenade, call us for pricing information:
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