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"My 3 year old is in love with your animals. She can't stop talking about her amazing time at the mall" Jennifer R., California

"Thank you for bringing the animals to our birthday. All of our guests kept asking - Where did you find such a wonderful idea?" Judith S., Miami

"I loved riding the animals at the Aventura mall with my children. When will you bring them to my home town?" Barry G., Woodmere, NY

Birthdaty Parties and other events

Our special birthday packages let you turn any birthday into your child's wildest dream. Their friends will spread the word about the terrific time they had at the party!

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Visit our new ZIPPY PARTIES web site, where we offer a wide veriety of themes, all based on the kids' favorite Zippy Animals that will turn your party to be a great success, with the configuration of your choice.

General Company Description

We are in the business of amusement/entertainment rides for children. We lease electronic moving animals to people interested in owning and operating their own mall business.

Kids riding on Zippy Rides animals. Pembroke Lakes Mall, FloridaOur mission is to provide electric moving animals to all those who wish to be a part in the growing niche of child entertainment. 

We wish to help people provide safe and fun entertainment to children in malls and promenade settings all over the country.

The company goal is to provide prospective future business owners an opportunity to run a successful and profitable business in malls around the country. The company’s objectives are to help business owners to run a healthy, successful company that provides unique entertainment for young children in a safe and controlled environment.  In addition the company strives to run a business based on continuous customer satisfaction.

It is important to the company to provide safe and fun entertainment to children all over the country.  Moreover, it is important to us to make success possible for all those who wish to own a mall business.
Although our animals will be used to entertain children, our main target market is the entrepreneurs who wish to focus on mall crowds with young children.

Child entertainment is one of the fastest growing industries in America.  With the current surge of Hollywood babies and the current popularity of malls the combination of child entertainment in a mall has endless possibilities.  If we examine the current trend of adult themed-entertainment turned child entertainment we can see the possible application of personal electronic animals.

From toy cell phones to toy cars, the toy industry looks to adult past times as inspiration.  Electronic animals allow children to feel in control and independent while driving their very own personal ride.  Instead of the stationary electronic rides that move up and down or back and forward, Animal Rides allows the child to drive.

Zippy Rides zoo ranch. Pembroke Lakes mall, Florida

Products and Services

We offer electronic moving animal rides for lease.  These rides come in various animal designs and colors.

Our exclusive and original animals are coin operated and meant to be supervised in a designated indoor or covered outdoor area.  The business owner or operator is required to supply customers with tokens and to supervise the use of rides.

The rides are approximately 2 feet high and weigh approximately 50 lbs.  The animals have handles in which the riders steer the animal in any direction they please.

The animals are also equipped with a reverse function.  There is a 150 lb combined weight limit.

We have exclusivity from our manufacturer and we are the sole distributors of their products in the Western Hemisphere.  There are no other manufacturers for these products and there is nothing else like them on the market.

Another advantage is that we do not compete with owners/operators.  Our sole role is to lease these animals.  We do not operate our own mall projects. 


Hallandale, Hallandale Beach, FL

Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC

Coastal Grand Mall, Myrtle Beach, SC

Potomac Mills Mall, Woodbridge, VA

Anapolis Mall, Anapolis, MD

Westfield Mall, Hialeah, FL

Coming Soon: Sawgrass mall, Sunrise, Florida

Holiday Location: Aventura Mall, Aventura, Florida


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